About us

We are a friendly bunch at The Sewing Clinic! Our philosophy at The Sewing Clinic is that sewing can and should be fun and enjoyable. Our teaching steps are prompted by project-based-needs, rather than making people sew “straight lines” before they can learn the next steps!

We set up the classes so our students get the most out of the time spent with us, by preparing things well and ensuring all the necessary tools are close at hand. We ensure that students feel a sense of accomplishment and gain confidence every session, by helping students complete sewing projects in a timely manner.

We are not running a fashion brand or teaching people to become sewing machinists. We often liken what we do as teaching people to ‘cook’ rather than focusing on making them ‘chefs’! We don’t sweat the small stuff, and we don’t believe in stressing people out to “get it perfect”!

Meet Penina Hitti

Hi, I’m Penina, the Founder of The Sewing Clinic. I trained as a primary and secondary school teacher just before starting my family. While the kids were young I would sew to help with my mental well-being. When my second born daughter expressed the desire to learn how to sew, I started teaching her at home. And then taught some of her friends in my home.

This grew to teaching at the local community centre and eventually when it got too cumbersome packing sewing machines and ironing boards into the car, I took steps to open a studio and teach classes there! I especially like seeing the enjoyment and upliftment that kids feel after during and after they have finished sewing a project.

Meet Lisa Brown

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m one of the tutors at The Sewing Clinic and use my experience to help keep classes running as smoothly as possible. I love creating crafty projects which has enabled me to bring my creativity and eye for detail to develop and deliver quality courses.

I am passionate about providing an enjoyable experience for the students, and especially love working with the children to see their projects come to life.